Body Scrubs: The Secret to Smooth, Soft Skin

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

A body scrub is undoubtedly the secret behind smooth and soft skin, owing to its ability to gently slough dead cells away and expose the smoother and softer skin hidden underneath. When you use a body scrub such as Sweet Rain Body Scrub, you can expect softer skin because the skin can now absorb moisturizers applied to it more effectively.

What are body scrubs?

Body scrubs normally work as a physical exfoliant. Their abrasive particles lift and remove dead skin from the body, along with any dirt that may have accumulated.

Those who do not exfoliate from time to time have lots of dead skin piling up, which eventually scatters and makes your skin look ashy and dull. As time goes by, you begin struggling against other issues such as premature aging signs, clogging, acne, and pores. That emphasizes the importance of products like Almond Coconut Body Scrub that can help alleviate all the issues mentioned.

This approach to the stimulation of skin cell turnover normally leads to smoother and brighter skin that is less likely to struggle against acne and related problems.

Please note that not all types of body scrubs work for all skin types. You need to understand your skin and even likely work with an expert to determine what suits you.

Best ways to use body scrubs

Applying body scrub is not a one-off thing. That’s because your skin constantly faces threats from all elements of weather. As more skin cells die, they normally pile up, and you will need to get rid of them just as fast as they form.

The steps to using body scrub are quite simple and do not matter which type of body scrub you have.

1. Let lukewarm water run over your skin for about 5 minutes in preparation for this application

2. Apply the scrub in circular motions, begin with your feet to the upper part of the body

3. Do not scrub your skin vigorously. Instead, maintain gentle pressure during the application

4. When done, thoroughly rinse

5. Apply your body butter while the skin is still damp

Repeatedly doing this at least one to two times a week can go a long way in enhancing the smoothness and softness of your skin. At Lather Green, we have a wide range of body scrubs that promise to get rid of those dead cells and leave you feeling good about yourself.

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