Why are body scrubs important, and how often to use them?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Body scrubs form an essential part of your skincare routine. It is a viable approach to take when you want flawless skin that confidently handles daily irritants. The daily challenges that your skin faces are immeasurable. From weather changes, oil residue, dead skin cells, and even stress, the skin needs proper care to overcome these inhibiting factors. A natural body scrub can help preserve its natural radiance.

Importance of using a body scrub

1. Get rid of dead skin cells.

Whereas most skincare products help improve your skin's look and feel, scrub takes things to the next level by going below the skin surface. It exfoliates all dead skin cells to leave behind healthy and glowing skin. The scrubbing process goes into the rough layer to bring to the surface softer skin.

2. It gives you a refreshing appearance.

The process of removing dead skin cells also takes away impurities and rough-looking skin. Those who had suffered from discoloration will notice that the blemishes and tanning existed before body scrub fade off. One thing about good-looking skin is that it gives you a sense of confidence and leaves you feeling good about yourself.

3. Creates a squeaky clean skin

Body scrubs help remove oil, dirt, and sweat that makes the skin feel somewhat dirty. Scrubbing does a successful job of pulling out dust that accumulates in the skin pores. That is something that most other skincare products like facial cleansers and face wash cannot do.

4. Tackles dark patches

Dark patches can make you frustrated and may even hurt your self-confidence. Depending on the patch's extent and the scrubbing approach adopted, you can have these patches removed in a matter of weeks. Scrubbing off dark patches proves most effective on elbows, knuckles, and knees.

5. Prevents ingrown hair

You have no control over whether or not you can get ingrown hair. However, you can minimize the chances of that happening using scrubbing. As you go through the procedure, you get to open closed pores that would have prevented hair from coming to the surface.

6. Can keep stress at bay

When you book a scrub appointment, you often sign up for additional facial and massage. The entire process requires maximum relaxation, helping relieve stress. The calming session that you get prepares you for the next big challenge. Even when doing it alone, the body scrub can leave you feeling relaxed.

How often should you use body scrubs?

The frequency at which you use body scrubs depends on the overall goal. However, considering the skin's delicate nature, you may want to keep that between one or two times a week. If this is your first time trying out body scrubs, it is vital to test it on a small part of your skin before going all the way.

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