Body Butter - Uses & Benefits for a Healthier Skin

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Fresher and softer pulpy skin is everyone’s most fascinating dream. Regardless of all the acceptance, we all want clear and healthier skin instead of fairer but dead skin.

Whether your beliefs are, primary skincare is essential to cherish healthy skin with no apparent paleness, discoloration, scaling, or blemishes.

So, tell us what unique things you do to keep your skin healthier and fresher?

Maybe you love having some spa treatments once a month by taking some time out of your busy routine, but what about daily care? It’s better to invest in preserving the beauty rather than regaining it once it’s lost!

Chances are, either you aren’t following any skincare routines at all, or you are using chemical-made dangerous products on your skin.

I caught you, right?

No worries, it still isn’t too late.

Take a deep breath and swear on being gentle to your skin and for this, promise yourself to replace your body care products with chemical-free Body Butters!

Let’s read about Body Butters because you deserve to have pulpier and healthier skin throughout your life!

Body Butter - A Must-Have Product

Body butter - it feels smooth, silky, and buttery, to say the name, and not only it feels so, but it also provides the same goodness. The human body has a Skin Barrier that may get cracked, dry, and itchy due to specific environmental and physical issues like cold weather and inadequate hydration.

Such compromised skin can also lead to Eczema and Psoriasis, so it’s always better to take care of it before it’s too late, and body butter can save you.

Let’s crack some spell-binding benefits of body butter.

Benefits of Body Butter - Natural & Nourishing

The body butter softens rough spots of your skin, moisturizes, and removes scars when applied daily.

It contains essential oils, nourishing nuts oil, mild plant-based ingredients that help skin rejuvenation.

Body butter acts as a nourishing and regenerative product that penetrates deep into the skin and provides superior moisture.

The poor scalp loses all of its moisture due to rough water and even-harsh chemical products. With Body Butters, help it revitalize dry and stressed hair.

The mild and calming fragrance of body butter also helps to lift the mood.

Body butters can be used to remove sticky and layered makeup without any damage to the skin like makeup wipes do.

Forget the dry patches on the knee, elbow, forehead, or back of the ear by getting into the gentle care of creamy body butter.

Body Butters also help you stay away from stretch marks or heal the previous stretch marks by providing proper nutrition and moisturization to the area.

What is Body Butter Made of?

Natural Body Butters are a combination of liquid oils and semi-solid butter. Every ingredient has its own world of exclusive benefits, and we cannot resist sharing some of these;

Mango Butter

The mango body butter is best known for maintaining the suppleness, softness, and radiance of the whole body, including skin and hair. It stimulates hair growth and exclusively reduces aging signs by fighting wrinkles and fine lines.

Shea Butter

The King - Shea Butter is well-known for providing moisturization to extreme dry skins. It helps treat Acne and Blemishes, reduces Inflammation, soothes Itching/Peeling, Anti-Aging support, skin’s Elasticity Restoration, treating Stretch Marks, and what not!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the ultimate deep nourishment. Topically, it helps reduce Inflammation, maintains moisture, and helps wound healing. It also contains some antimicrobial properties that make it the best choice for treating acne.

Avocado Oil.

Avocado oil works wonders by calming the itchy skin and replenishing the dry skin. It deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin to lock in all the good stuff. Further, it provides and maintains a skin barrier for ultraviolet radiation and protects against any upcoming damages.

All the benefits of body butter and its ingredients seem so lovely, but what if you still get a chemical-based body butter? Nay, you can’t play with your skin just to heal it temporarily.

Then how would you find the best organic and natural body butter?

Is it possible to get purely natural and trustworthy body butter? Why not! And we have a sneak-peak - Lather Green.

Let’s explore the reasons, without any ado!

Lather Green- Where Wonder Begins

Lather Green is the right place to get 100% pure bath and body products with natural ingredients. At Lather Green, you will find the best handmade products prepared with meticulous care and attention.

Lather Green affectionately makes body butter, body scrubs, soaps, and much more for their customers without compromising the quality.

Their products contain different fractions of Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Coconut Oil. Small box, big explosion!

Every skin is unique and has specific needs; it’s time to explore the best body butter list to decide knowingly.

List of Lather Green’s Body Butter - Amazing

1. Pure Body Butter

Don’t leave your body in scars, rashes, and cracks when you have pure body butter. This fantastic body butter offers multiple benefits for the human body.

The fragrance-free of Pure Body Butter refreshes the mood and makes the body smooth like a feather.

Some magical features of pure body butter are:

● Added Shea body butter and Mango body butter Butter are antioxidants that help skin repair.

● Anit-oxidants of Pure Body Butter also help stimulate collagen production to promote youthful skin.

● Shea and mango butter blends help boost up the skin’s cells and elevate the skin’s radiance.

Why wait to restore your youthful appearance when you can have Pure Body Butter. Just place the order and enjoy soft and sparkling skin because it is 100% natural!

2. Almond Coconut Body Butter

Here we have another remarkable body butter from Lather Green’s collection: Almond and coconut body butter.

What a fantastic combination of Almond and Coconut for your body! There is a long list of mighty Almond and coconut features that uplift human skin and human hair, and the immune system.

Therefore, regular use of almond and coconut body butter gives a tremendous boost to the human body. Almond and coconut body butter regenerate dead cells of the body and provide a new and fresh look.

Have a look at the heart-warming wonders of almond and coconut body butter:

Almond and coconut body butter moisturize the dry skin and vanishes all rashes.

● This fantastic body butter magnifies skin tone and improves complexion.

Almond and coconut body butter eliminates scar’s appearance.

● It helps remove the stretch marks on the body.

● The almonds used in this body butter can reverse sun damage.

● You can develop healthy skin cell growth by Almond and coconut body butter; it will improve your body’s circulation.

By aging or due to the environment, the human body passes through various alterations and needs tender support like Almond Coconut Body Butter to sustain.

3. Radiance Body Butter

Regular use of radiance body butter develops radiant and smooth skin. It helps to reduce skin rashes and stretches; thus, you get sparkling and soft skin to slay.

Lather Green is dedicated to making natural body butter as the shea butter comes from Africa’s west coast, and mango butter comes from India.

The other products used in this body butter are Arrowroot Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Fragrance Oil that produce a higher quality body butter.

Marvelous features of radiance body butter are stated below:

The radiance body butter deeply nourishes and moisturizes the body’s skin.

● Its ingredients promote collagen production to boost the elasticity and overall appearance of the skin.

Radiance body butter accelerates the skin healing process.

● Fragrance oil gives a peaceful, calm, and mesmerizing aroma that makes your mood up.sar

Arrowroot Powder penetrates the skin and absorbs the sebum superbly. Adding on, it beautifully absorbs oil and heals blemishes to make you enjoy healed and fresh skin.

Grabbing glowing and healed skin is just one step far; grab Lather Green’s Radiance body butter and enjoy unstoppable beauty. A scar-free rash-less, and stretch-free skin is your new best friend.

Indeed. One more exciting thing, at Lather Green, a significant discount is also available!

4. Silk Body Butter

Here comes another significant body butter, silk body butter, to remove cracks from your body. The list of benefits of silk body butter is very long and colossal.

Silk body butter contains extracts of plants, natural oils, mango, and shea butter, and some other natural products that together offer miraculous benefits.

Let’s have a look at the never-ending benefits of silk body butter:

● This body butter contains Vitamins A, E, and F for sole nourishment.

● Antioxidants and vitamins stimulate blood circulation towards the skin, leading to rich benefits.

Silk body butter protects your body from damage caused due to UV rays.