Are You Treating Your Feet Right? 5 Tips for the Perfect Pedicure

Updated: Jan 25

Most people often consider foot care as a "by-the-way" undertaking. It’s easy to come across someone who keenly pays attention to their overall beauty but does not extend the same courtesy to their feet. In most cases, this is often motivated by the false notion that the feet are hidden in the shoes, and nobody will look at them.

The reality is that taking care of your tootsies is an unavoidable engagement. This is something you can do as a DIY, provided you have access to the right tools like this Wooden Foot Brush and Foot Care Kit.

There are some crucial factors you should keep in mind for a successful pedicure experience:

1. Soak your feet

Set the right ambiance, get a glass of wine, and soak your feet using the Lavender Breeze Foot Soak to soften the tough skin and cuticles. You will be amazed by how relaxing this process can be. We recommend using a basin (big bowl), but the bath tab can equally do an amazing job.

The process does not require rocket science to execute. All you have to do is fill the big bowl with warm water and pour in your foot soak. Allow a few minutes for your feet to soak, which helps set them in good shape for detailed care.

2. Remember to get rid of dead cells

Foot care is not just about applying a wide range of products and expect a miracle to happen. It is about the tiny little things that you may be quick to ignore.

When your feet are dry after soaking, ensure that you grab a foot file and start removing all dead skin cells. Pay close attention to your heels and the hard areas.

3. Scrubbing is part of the process

You need to use reliable foot scrubs such as Lavender Breeze for more effective results. As you do the scrubbing, apply gentle pressure, but not too much of it.

4. Trim and shape your toenails

An important part of foot care is to ensure that the toenails are well-trimmed and shaped. Do not attempt to cut and trim while shaping at the same time. Instead, complete one thing at a time. That is, first cut the toenails, then focus on shaping them.

5. Feet care is an ongoing process

Do not assume that once you have undertaken the DIY foot care at home, you are done. In any case, you just got started. You have now given your feet a taste of what it feels like to be treated right and will continue demanding more of that. Be ready to invest in some high-quality Eucalyptus Mint foot balm that you would use daily or minimum 3 times per week.

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