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our story

“Always Lather Green”


Lather Green’s journey began with just one bar of soap and was founded by a husband and wife Pharmacist duo. Lather Green soaps began as a party favor and grew into a thriving business. However, Lather Green had to transition through many difficult phases and overcome many obstacles.


In March 2020, shortly after officially registering the business; Covid hit. Reality sets in, fear hits, and the couple is left with some tough decisions. The Pharmacists knew that they could be extremely successful if they committed to what they have learned their entire working careers. Connecting with people and promoting a healthier lifestyle.


As Pharmacists the married couple knew that through the skin is one of the best ways to bring beauty and health into the body. The focus of Lather Green is “Green” meaning natural ingredients in your skincare routine. Lather Green grew from one soap to product lines of soaps, moisturizers, exfoliates, and other bath and body products. LatherGreen encourages every person to enjoy the skin you’re in.


Our Company works with principles

With us at Lather Green, are four guiding principles, These consequently affect every decision we make:

  • Commitment

  • Quality

  • Passion

  • Service


Our Features

  • Orlando Voyager Magazine ​


Our support team of qualified professionals are always eager to provide answers and tackle your concerns. Reach out to us today then if you need any further assistance on any issues, please send us an email and state your interests, or what your desire needs are. We will love to hear from you.


Remember to Always Lather Green and feel the difference.

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